Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

“The future of mobile is the future of online.” Indeed, mobile plays an imperative part in the growth of businesses today. At Akshay Global, we totally second this and hence provide full life-cycle Managed Mobility Services for your enterprise including procurement, real-time expense management and successful deployment.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things(IoT)

What is the new wave of future that has the potential to change the world? Internet Of Things. Our IOT solutions give enterprises an edge to focus on their business outcomes while we ease out their digital transformation. Our end-to-end solution portfolio seamlessly integrates IoT solutions with existing enterprise architecture and improve decision making. Truly, Akshaya Global is helping enterprises to reimagine their business process by connecting the right dots with IoT!

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

At Akshaya Global, we believe that data will talk to you if you are willing to listen to it. Therefore, our Analytic solutions provide effective and smart analysis of your data and predicting future trends that help enterprises to make better strategic and operational business decisions. We create a blended information architecture that enables it to leverage all types of data to develop real-time, data-driven information to enhance decision making.

Akshaya Global Informatics

Enterprise Apps | Mobility | Geo Spatial Services on Mobile | e-Governance | Microsoft | J2EE

Akshaya Global Informatics ” is a successful company located in Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Dubai & USA with a track record of delivering business projects on time and within budget.

Our team is vastly experienced in a wide range of business processes and applications, such as Enterprise Apps, Customer service, Geo Spatial Services on Mobile, Customer self-service, Mobility, e-Gov consulting, Microsoft solutions and resource planning. Armed with this experience, our goal is simply to make your business processes more efficient and thus enable your business to become more effective and competitive.

On‐Going Support

On‐Going Support

At Akshaya Global Informatics, we take the long view, building trust by delivering robust technological solutions that stands the best of time.

We ensure your business processes remain efficient and stay effective for as long as possible. In the process, we provide a range of support packages, designed around your company needs.

In case, if you’re not sure about the specifications of what your organization needs, we will be pleased to review your business vision and technology goals and find a way to get there, based on our in house team and their extensive experience.

Why us?
There is something that makes us cut-above-the rest and makes us the best software companies in Hyderabad! What is it?

Maintaining quality in all the deliverables is an intelligent effort. We adhere to this thinking and hence our all deliverables are scanned under heavy quality checking to fix the defects at the earliest. We consider it is imperative to carry out exhaustive tests on the deliverables for better performance, reliability and better outcomes.

We make sure our clients are satisfied. Hence, being a trustworthy professional services provider, we are always in touch with our clients. Our solutions are a reflection of what they expect from us. We closely maintain client satisfaction and the quality of our deliverables effortlessly.

We let our solutions do the talking. They are crafted out of years of hard work, dedication and constant innovation. Our solutions are authentic, robust, instinctive and cost-effective.

We work with the foremost minds in the industry. At Akshaya Global, best minds and cutting-edge technology work in unison. Their years of continuous dedication and expertise help us in completing the complex projects/operations before the deadline. The teamwork showcased by our people is phenomenal.

A perfect combination of an amazing approach, astounding services, experienced professionals & extensive customer-care is our key to stay distinctive and relevant in the market always!

Our Technologies

Geo Spatial Services on Mobile

Geo Spatial Services on Mobile

Mobile mapping apps is the new technical evolution of how geodatabase is managed and monitored outside the enterprise boundaries. Akshaya’s Mobility solutions are aligned to the demand of location based solutions that provide workflows with a self-explanatory visualization. Akshaya mobile solutions provide right solutions for growing demands of the industry stakeholders who look for location based services and much more.

Mobile App development


Our mobile backend-as-a-service offers you the capabilities you need to get to market fast, with the flexibility & freedom you expect. We can handle your enterprise CRM integration, push notifications, mobile payments, storage, security, GPS, and much more.

Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft Technologies

Akshaya has an established Microsoft competency practice focused on developing cutting edge solutions that help customers leverage the power of Microsoft technologies. Through a low risk delivery model, Akshaya aligns the technology with processes & practices and its delivery model offers a matrix of onsite and offshore development.

J2EE Capabilities

J2EE Capabilities

We develop and deliver Web applications that are emerging with promising technology available from Java application servers and the J2EE framework. We offer scalability to meet the changing business needs and profitability by reducing time and cost. Based on resource allocation model we provide Java Services to meet your needs.

eGovernance Consulting

We have developed core competencies in the government sector and have professionals specifically focussed on developing tailored services and solutions to address the needs of the government. Akshaya after having created a niche for itself in the country has successfully explanded its footprint overseas.



Analytics enables professionals to convert extensive data and statistical and quantitative analysis into powerful insights that can drive efficient decisions. We provide practices for continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past insights to drive business planning.

Our process

“Pay utmost heed to the process and the results will follow.”
Well, at Akshaya Global, our process is quite simple but exclusive.
Let us know about it in detail:

  • Initial Meeting

    Initial Meeting

    As they say” Know it all to do it all.” Similarly, when we start a project we make sure to schedule a meeting with you in-person or online so that we can pen down your exact requirements. This helps us to understand your perspective, suggest inputs and create a customised solution that meets your business objectives.

  • Proposal


    When we have jotted down all the points carefully in our meeting, we come up with a crisp and cost-effective proposal to you wherein we mention the deliverables, detailed analysis of 2-3 options and recommend the best option that suits your requirement perfectly.

  • Detailed Design

    Detailed Design

    We believe “Good design is good business.” Therefore we spend ample of time on curating the design that depicts how exactly the system will work on any given Interface. We also make sure to keep you in the loop through phone, skype, email or face-to-face meeting.

  • Update and Agree on contract

    Update and Agree on contract

    Well, once the discussion on deliverable and commercials is done after a detailed design is submitted to you, we update project costs to make it fixed and share with you an agreement stating all the terms and payment details. To make the work go smooth, we make sure to inform our clients to pay in stages so that the development at each stage can be efficiently monitored.

  • Development


    Our team of stellar software developers take on your project and start working diligently over it. We make sure to keep you updated about the developments/progress on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

  • Functionally Complete

    Functionally complete

    When the project reaches the end of development stage, we deliver you an (IP) which is “functionally complete” – i.e. we have no code left to write for features. This system which has been intensively run by our internal testing team on each feature, the next Team is further testing on the Interface which begins at this point.

    We trail base our services with our customers and want them to be involved in system testing at this stage. As the EXPERIENCE of the user is our motto.

  • System Completed

    System Completed

    Now testing is complete, and the system is now ready for use. At this process if required, we would be obliged to assist you with deployment of the system - which may involve importing existing data.